Oxygen Therapy

An Efficient and Effective Oxygen Delivery System

An Efficient and Effective Oxygen Delivery System

When a patient is in need of oxygen therapy, a system that delivers oxygen efficiently and effectively is critical. Our Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator (POC) ensures oxygen is delivered within the first 400 milliseconds of inspiration – where oxygen has the most effect on lung gas exchange. At Inogen, we’re dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of clinically efficacious oxygen technologies.

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How the Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrator Works

Our Inogen One POC is lightweight and easy to use, making breathing easier.

Air is continuously purified from the atmosphere

Nitrogen is removed to deliver oxygen-rich air

Purified oxygen is delivered via a nasal cannula

The device is powered by a rechargeable battery or any AC or DC power source

Advantages of Our Intelligent Delivery Technology

The Intelligent Delivery Technology® found in all Inogen One products utilize unparalleled triggering sensitivity to quickly detect a breath and deliver oxygen. This technology serves a greater purpose during periods of sleep, when respiratory rates typically decrease.

Sleep Better with Intelligent Delivery Technology POCs

The Inogen One is the only portable oxygen system proven to oxygenate patients during rest, exertion, and sleep. The Intelligent Delivery Technology detects even shallow mouth breaths at night and triggers a bolus dose based on a fixed minute volume.

  • Intelligent Delivery Technology is adaptable to changing environments while also monitoring oxygen delivery in order to promote increased oxygen delivery during sleep for most patients.
  • As breathing rate slows, during periods of sleep, our Intelligent Delivery Technology increases bolus doses.
  • Intelligent Delivery Technology has the ability to detect shallow mouth breaths at night, triggering a bolus dose based on a fixed minute volume.
  • Efficacy of our Intelligent Delivery Technology has been validated in 5 clinical studies published in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Inogen has completed and published more clinical data surrounding the Inogen One oxygen system than any other oxygen therapy product currently on the market.

Differences in Oxygen Flow Patterns

The Inogen One delivers oxygen via Pulse Dose mechanisms (as opposed to Continuous Flow). The Pulse Dose technology utilizes an oxygen conserver to deliver oxygen based on breathing and inhalation rates, allowing the proper amount of oxygen to be delivered during all phases of daily activity and during rest.

We’re Grounded in Peer Reviewed and Published Clinical Research

As an innovator of oxygen technology and portable oxygen equipment to enhance the lives of patients, we believe it is important to present sound, evidenced-based data to support the use of our oxygen therapy devices. We have completed and published more clinical data surrounding the Inogen One oxygen system than any other available oxygen therapy product.

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