Inogen® Connect

Smart Mobile Technology for Long-Term Oxygen Therapy

Smart Mobile Technology for Long-Term Oxygen Therapy

Helping Our Business Partners Manage Operations

The free Inogen® Connect mobile app is available with Inogen® Rove 6™, Inogen One G4®, and Inogen One G5®. The app provides patient user data on their mobile device when paired to their Inogen® concentrator. Inogen® Connect can help device providers with managing their business operations.

Inogen Connect Provides:

Fleet Management

Device Maintenance

Location Services for Device Recovery

Reports for Your Business

Inogen® Connect provides fleet management tools such as reporting, push notifications, and device location to help customers manage business operations.

  • Column Life & Oxygen Purity
    Shows device usage parameters.
  • Errors
    Identify specific device alerts.
  • Software
    View software version currently in use.
  • Location
    Track devices by city and state.
  • Battery Parameters
    View device battery state, temperature, percentage remaining, and charge capacity when manually transferred.
Patient App Features

Patient App Features

  • Monitor column life status
  • Perform column resets while replacing columns
  • Receive latest software updates for your Inogen® device
  • Receive exclusive discounts and promotions only available to Inogen® Connect app users
  • Receive maintenance information
  • Access your provider's customer care service
  • View pertinent health and device usage parameters from your connected wearable and portable oxygen concentrator