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Countering the Limitations Associated with Traditional Oxygen Therapy

Countering the Limitations Associated with Traditional Oxygen Therapy

While Bringing Market-leading Advantages to Both You and Your Customers

Portable oxygen concentrators are designed to offer a self-replenishing, unlimited supply of oxygen that is concentrated from the surrounding air and to operate without the need for oxygen tanks or regular oxygen deliveries. Being that portable oxygen concentrators do not require the physical infrastructure and service intensity of the delivery model, we at Inogen believe portable oxygen concentrators can provide long­term oxygen therapy with a lower cost structure.

We’re at the Forefront of Patient Preference

Since 2001, we at Inogen have been creating a best-­in­-class portfolio of portable oxygen concentrators. We utilize direct patient feedback in our research and development efforts to further innovate our technology and products in order to stay at the forefront of patient preference.

Founded by the Drive to Develop a Better POC

In 2001, three students, Ali, Brenton, and Byron, founded Inogen to improve the life of Mae, a beloved grandmother. They were determined to find a more effective solution for Mae, as well as the millions of patients like her who rely on traditional and restrictive oxygen therapy. Today, Inogen’s relationships with HME providers allow us to distribute POCs, aimed at improving lives, across the globe.

Inogen at a Glance

Our products offer unique solutions for patients in need of oxygen therapy across the globe.


Countries in which we distribute and/or operate.


POCs sold to date.


U.S. patents and 1 Canadian patent issued for system design, assembly and more.

Benefits for HME Providers

Working with home medical equipment providers allows us to focus on the total cost of the solution and to invest in the development of unique product features.

  • Solutions for declining Medicare reimbursement rates
  • Improved product durability
  • Increased reliability and longevity
  • Reduced our maintenance and repair cost
  • Reduced the total cost of our solution

Inogen One Products

Traditional O2 therapy is being challenged by market dynamics. Partner with Inogen to use technology to increase your operating efficiency. Our products are always at the forefront of patient needs while providing a cost-effective solution for our HME providers.

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