Provider Benefits

Leading the Portable Oxygen Concentrator Market for HME Providers

Leading the Portable Oxygen Concentrator Market for HME Providers

In 2004, we at Inogen became one of the first companies to market portable oxygen concentrator (POC) to home medical equipment (HME) providers. Our sole focus is on the development of POC units, meaning we’re always looking for ways to improve our technology; this results in our units being the most technologically advanced POCs on the market. Our differentiated product portfolio highlights our commitment to research and development.

The Evolution of the Inogen One POC

We always have one goal in mind with each Inogen One POC upgrade: to be the lightest portable oxygen concentrator on the market, without sacrificing the additional features that patients love and rely on.

Inogen One G1

9.8lbs 1 - 5 flow settings

Inogen One G2

7.28lbs 1 - 6 flow settings

Inogen One G3

4.8lbs 1 - 5 flow settings

Inogen One G4

2.8lbs 1 - 3 flow settings

Inogen One G5

4.7lbs 1 - 6 flow settings

Multiple Benefits for HME Providers Across the Globe

Domestic Efforts

  • Dedicated sales & support teams
  • Inogen Capital, an HME financing platform
  • Strong private label partnership
  • Gain competitive advantage by offering customers Bluetooth capabilities
  • Manage your fleet of POCs across the nation via our Bluetooth capabilities

International Efforts

  • Distribution in 59 international countries
  • Established Inogen Europe BV in the Netherlands
  • Dedicated sales & support teams
  • Foxconn manufacturing for European Inogen One G3 volumes
  • Developing regulatory & sales pathways to capture opportunities in emerging markets

New Products

  • Be among the first to learn about new product launches
  • Be among the first to learn about new product applications and technologies
  • Focused on disruptive products and evaluating potential acquisition targets that offer unique solutions

Inogen by the Numbers

What Makes Us Global Market Leaders


Countries in which we distribute and/or operate.


POCs sold to date.


U.S. patents and 1 Canadian patent issued for system design, assembly and more.

The Future of Competitive Bidding

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued new regulations that offer much-needed improvements for future rounds of the competitive bidding program and provide welcome relief for suppliers serving Medicare beneficiaries in rural America.

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