Inogen is Innovative Oxygen

At Inogen, we’re pioneers in the development of portable oxygen technology, helping businesses reduce overhead, increase profitability and provide a superior product.

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We have launched enhancements to our RMA process!

We believe the investment into our technology and automation will provide an improved customer experience and allow you to process your warranty and out of warranty repairs in an efficient and timely manner!

Leading the Evolution of POCs on the Market

Since 2001, each generation of Inogen POCs has been more powerful and/or efficient than its predecessor, scaling alongside the growing adoption of POCs and creating a growing source of potential cash revenue.

Inogen Rove 6 System

Flow Settings


Battery Life

Over 12 hrs

Inogen One G5 System

Flow Settings


Battery Life

Up to 13 hrs

Inogen One G4 System

Flow Settings


Battery Life

Up to 5 hrs

Inogen One G3 System

Flow Settings


Battery Life

Up to 10 hrs


Up to 8 Years Expected Service Life1

The Inogen® Rove 6™ features best in class expected service life of up to 8 years1, which may help extend the life of a device fleet.

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1When used for less than 8 hours per day

Our Portable Oxygen Concentrator Solution

Why Convert to POCs?

  • Accelerating rate of POC adoption
  • Cash sale viability of POCs
  • No tanks or deliveries likely to increase overhead and inventory complexity
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Why Inogen?

  • Global market leader with more than a million units sold worldwide in more than 59 countries
  • We utilize direct patient feedback in our research and development efforts to further innovate our technology and products in order to stay at the forefront of patient preference
  • Designed to reduce costs and minimize service requirements
  • We have completed and published numerous reports focused on clinical data supporting the Inogen One oxygen system
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We’re grounded in Peer Reviewed and Published Clinical Research

As an innovator of oxygen technology and portable oxygen equipment, we believe it is important to present sound, evidence-based data to support the use of our oxygen therapy devices. We have completed and published numerous reports focused on clinical data supporting Inogen oxygen concentrators.

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*Anyone with a prescription for O2 therapy with 6 liter/minute requirement or less can use a POC.

Delivering Oxygen Globally

Our Inogen POCs are distributed and used throughout the world. We have a global presence with international distributors in the United States, Europe, Mexico, Singapore, India, Australia, New Zealand, and more.

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