Autopulse Mode for POCs

The Unit Must Run for a Minimum of 45 Minutes in Autopulse Mode Before O2 Purity can be Seen

  1. Start with the Inogen One turned off. Attach AC power supply and attach nasal cannula.
  2. Press and hold both the light button and the bell button for G2/G3 or the plus button and the bell button for G4/G5 simultaneously until the screen displays “Mode Select: Normal”
  3. Press the plus button once, the screen will display Mode Select: Autopulse
  4. Press the bell button once to access the sub-menu, then press the plus button once – the screen will display “Autopulse: 17 BPM”
  5. Press the bell button once and the Inogen One will start up in Autopulse mode
  6. Allow the Inogen One to run in Autopulse for minimum 45 minutes to run complete diagnostic test. If there is a problem an error message will appear.

O2 Purity Screen

  1. Once unit has run in Autopulse for a minimum of 45 minutes you may read the purity level.
  2. Press and hold the bell button (bell button for Inogen One G5).
  3. After 5 seconds the screen will display the life clock, software version, and serial number. Release the bell button and press and hold the plus button until this screen appears:

    O2 Purity Screen
  4. Wait 10 minutes then the dashes will be replaced with the oxygen purity percentage
  5. Press the light button once to make the O2 purity screen disappear.